I’m Robin Smith and this page has a few of my thoughts about a variety of things. You’re welcome to comment as long as you’re polite*. I’m not here to debate anyone. I may remove any comments I don’t like.

Some things about me …

Military Brat – my father’s career in the US Army took us to several places around the world as I grew up.

Submariner – I’m a Brother of the ‘Phin, an ex-submariner and Cold Warrior. USS Sam Houston (SSBN-609G).


Nuclear Power – my career. I’m a semi-retired electronics technician and control systems engineer in the commercial nuclear power industry. Now, I restrict my work to preparing instrument setpoint and uncertainty calculations.

Geology – I have a geology degree from Cal State Long Beach, which was the result of, and subsequently fueled, my love of the Mojave Desert.

Law – I have a law degree from Georgia State University and am an inactive member of the Georgia State Bar. Never used the license.

Tennis – I am a passionate tennis enthusiast and was a fairly decent player. I’m not anymore.

Cats – life without cats is unthinkable.


Death Valley – Scatter my ashes from the top of Telescope Peak, please. Death Valley is my place of solace, where I long to be.

Married Рthree decades and counting with the greatest photographic artist who ever lived.

Democrat – I’m a closet commie, I guess.

I like cars, especially any Ferrari; I dabble in woodworking; I’m a beginning but promising golfer; I hang around a lot of foodies and am the head cook in my house; I am a Yelper.

*Polite in this context means no hate, against me or any other person or group of people. It does not mean use polite language. I’m ex-Navy. Cursing is part of polite conversation.

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